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Welcome Frayed Dust Jackets of the World!

If a book has a faded and torn dust jacket, it is quite likely that that book has been enjoyed, past around, read and re-read quite a bit.  It has endured.  I feel as if my outward appearance, my “dustjacket”  is  looking a bit shopworn these days, but before I run out and sign up for a day spa’s worth of botox, scrubs, and miracle weight loss plans, I am going to take a moment to think about what it really means to reach “middle age”  — (and that marker keeps moving, doesn’t it?)  It means I have lived, I have experienced life, I have made mistakes, created art, and hopefully added a little something to the lives of people I’ve met.  Like a good book.  All the frayed dust jackets of the world have a unique life experience.  Let’s enjoy the discussion of good (and bad!) books and life’s experiences.  These are often intertwined.


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