Plot and Characters Anything but Thin

ThinSpaceCoverJody Casella, first time author of “Thin Space,” has written an engaging YA novel that easily crosses the lines into mainstream.  It is the story of a a teenaged twin who is consumed with guilt over the death of his brother.  We are not told the circumstances of the car accident which took the life of one twin, and left the other alive, but severely injured.  The story takes up with his recovery, and his all-consuming quest to find a “thin place,” a legendary spot where the boundaries between this world and the next are so thin, that a person can pass through.  He is determined to find this place and make things right with his brother.  Despite the paranormal premise of the novel, it is for the most part firmly grounded in reality.  The author masterfully portrays the strained relationship between the teen and his grieving parents, struggling to find some normality in the situation.  The author also is adept at creating teenagers who ring true, who, for the most part, act and speak like high schoolers.  Despite the fact that the author is female,  for the most part I did not read lines spoken from the teenaged boy and think, hmmm, that sounds more like a mature woman speaking.  To her credit, Jody Casella has captured the angst and alienation of all teens, and especially one who has suffered an unbearable loss.  A highly recommended read. JodyCasella


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2 responses to “Plot and Characters Anything but Thin

  1. Chris Sullivan

    What’s a teenager again? I think I was one a long time ago but damned if I can remember.

  2. Ha, ha! Read more YA filled with teen angst and you’ll remember.

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