Are We Too Connected?

All last week we were without Internet connection, phone, and television due to a line outage.  The television I can usually live without, but it happened to be the first week of the Olympics, so I missed the opening and several favorite events.  But I was also surprised by a moment of self-realization: that I suddenly felt very disconnected from some social media sites.  Me?  The original anti-techie, Luddite, who sneers at Facebook addicted, Tweet following devotees. Yes, in fact, I felt cut off from my friends, even the cyber ones.  What does this mean?  I’ll have to think some more about that question.  So, now that we are again connected with the world, I will commence my obsessive weather tracking (we are experiencing a winter for the record books here on the East Coast), Olympics watching, social media posting, and, of course, book reviewing on WordPress.



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4 responses to “Are We Too Connected?

  1. Barb

    Well, I have been trying to stay off the computer and not watch TV as much so that I can get back to reading more. I am about to finish the second book for our February book club and have the third Maisie Dobbs book on order at the library.

  2. You’re an inspiration, Barb! So, I’ll expect some guest blog reviews of all the books you’re reading.

  3. Yep, any time my computer goes down now I felt completely cut off – and yet like you I sneered at the idea of ‘online friends’. But though I still don’t use Facebook and hardly use Twitter, I’ve still made connections via the blog and forums…it snares us all in the end!

  4. Suzanne

    I only post maybe once a month on Facebook, but when I can’t check what people are up to I feel strangely forlorn.

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