Gone Girl Shoulda Stayed Gone

I’ve bowed to popular culture and picked up Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl. I won’t say much because by this time everyone has probably already read it and formed their opinions. In the past, I’ve read and enjoyed Flynn’s other works of psychological suspense, and after all the ballyhoo over this newest one, was prepared for a real thrill ride.  Unfortunately, I was greatly disappointed.  I don’t like to write bad reviews (although I think Flynn’s success can ride out my few, negative comments) but there is not much positive I can say about this novel.  It starts out strong: Amy Dunne, on her fifth wedding anniversary to husband Nick, has gone missing and all evidence suggested she was forcefully abducted.  As the story unfolds, the author peels the onion and gives us a glimpse of a marriage on the verge of collapse.  Suspicions shift and we are kept guessing whether husband, Nick, is perhaps a monster in disguise.  That’s the good part.  The bad part is that every single character in the story is intensely unlikeable.  Nick and Amy are self-absorbed, narcissistic, irresponsible, childish, violent and weak. I found I didn’t care whether Amy was dead, whether Nick killed her, and at some point almost hoped he had.  The story has some surprising twists, but after one or two the reader starts thinking, “Oh, come on now!  I can’t buy this.”  The plot, after a rather dull and sagging portion in the middle, becomes more absurd as it hurdles towards the conclusion.  I, unlike others, didn’t mind how it ended.  I was just glad it was over.


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3 responses to “Gone Girl Shoulda Stayed Gone

  1. Wow. Glad I didn’t buy this book.

  2. Chris Sullivan

    I wonder how close the film will stick to the book. To be honest this book never attracted me in the least and even less so after reading your review. Why are today’s authors to scared to write likeable characters? Do they think that they are being ‘real’ by writing so many un-likeable characters?

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