For the mature readers, the “frayed dustjackets” on the library shelf, who have lived and experienced life.  Your worn covers are witness to a life well used and loved.  Here is a place to discuss books from your unique point of view, share suggestions for further reading, or just share life’s experiences.

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  1. Chris Sullivan

    Hi. Is all ok as its not like you to leave such a long length of time between posts? Hope all is well.

  2. Chris, you are so sweet to inquire! My faithful follower! Yes, all is okay, thank God. Got caught up reading a few bad books such that I could not say anything good, so said nothing at all. Now reading “Monuments Men” and “The Museum of Extraordinary Things” and will have something to say again soon. Hope all well with you.

  3. Chris Sullivan

    Glad to read you’re ok. Will be interested to read your review of Alice Hoffman’s ‘The Museum of Extraordinary Things’ as I read that recently and reviewed it on my blog. I’m not bad though my mum suffered a stroke two weeks ago but thankfully is recovering well and maybe home next week. There is nothing worse than reading a few bad books in sequence but strangely when you do read an interesting book after a few bad ones, it makes you appreciate the good novel so much more.

    • Wishing your mom a speedy and complete recovery. I’ll check out your review of “Museum” for sure. Yeah, agree on the bad books topic. Sure hope when mine finally comes out, it doesn’t fall into that category. 🙂

  4. Shameless promotion alert: I’m still working on editing it–a YA novel titled “False Gods.” Hope to have that done soon. My fear is having it judged as harshly as I’ve judged others’ works. Gulp.

    • Chris Sullivan

      It must be scary for authors, especially first time authors, to put their blood, sweat and tears out for there for review. Good luck with the editing probably one of the hardest parts of the writing game.

  5. Frayed Dustjackets–well used and loved! I like it! Thanks for liking my post as well!

    • Glad to see that you are going to review monuments men, I have reviewed the sequal to it, Saving Italy, which was excellent. I expect you to enjoy the monuments men thoroughly as I did myself

  6. Hey- really enjoyed your latest post:) Hope you check out my debut novel, THE WAITING ROOM- it’d be amazing to read your thoughts on it! Love connecting with fellow readers and bloggers:)

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