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Winter on the Farm

Fatty Paddy in the snow
Fatty Paddy in the snow

The forecast is calling for temperatures to dip into the 20’s all next week.  Weather is an obsession for anyone who has to care for outdoor animals, and in my case, horses.  They are not just “livestock,” but pets, so as such, prompt a much deeper concern for their wellbeing.  Whenever a weather event looms on the horizon, be it a hurricane or snowstorm or freezing temps, I am spurred to take action in preparation, not just because it is the sensible thing to do, but also because it gives me a great sense of being a good steward of the living things in my care.  With the cold coming on, we are pulling up the water troughs to install the tank heaters to keep them from freezing, getting in some better hay, bedding up the stalls, and making sure the horse blankets are in good repair.  I am ambivalent about the cold.  In the heat of summer I long for some cooler temps and in the winter I track the course of the sun and wish for longer days.  It is human nature never to be satisfied, and I believe there is no place that brings that out more starkly than on a farm.  So, I decided to list the pros and cons of the winter cold:

Pro: No flies to plague the horses

Con: Cold winds to bring out the bush goblins and spook them

Pro: The mud freezes!

Con: The grounds too hard to ride on

Pro: My fat horse may loose some weight!

Con: My normal horse may loose some weight!

You get the idea… 🙂

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