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Capturing the Male Reader

badfallsIn the mailbox today I found a wonderful surprise: a gift of a book, signed by the author, from a friend who had moved back home to Maine.  It turns out I had discovered a great, new author whose specialty was writing mystery/thrillers which take place in Maine.  I turned her on to the writer, and lo and behold, he was at a local book signing (and I was the lucky recipient).  The gift book is one I have not read: “Bad Little Falls” by Paul Doiron.  The beauty of Doiron’s writing is that he has the ability to create a sense of place to the point that the locale is nearly a character in itself, but he does not sentimentalize Maine.  He can describe the beauty and awe that is Maine, but also the grit, and poverty, and cruelty of nature.  My friend, Margaret, who went to hear the author speak, wrote me an interesting note about his readership: Doiron, who had just given a talk at a local high school (kudos for him doing that) is credited with getting more young men to read, because before they were just not seeing anyone like themselves in most literature.  Writers who set their stories in Maine are often times seasonal visitors, who focus on the pretty, coastal areas.  Doiron’s newly-won readers had no problem with his portrayal of the poorer, rougher side of the Down Easters.   His stories all feature a main game warden, Mike Bowditch, who has had his share of troubles in life.  I read an earlier work of Doiron’s, “The Poacher’s Son” which provided the background on this character’s dark upbringing.  All that aside, the author is capable of spinning a good mystery, full of well-rounded characters and always an interesting setting.  Looking forward to diving into “Bad Little Falls.”

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