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Book Signings in the E-Book Age

AliceHoffmanMagicI  recently attended a talk by one of my favorite authors, Alice Hoffman, in conjunction with the release of her new book, The Museum of Extraordinary Things.  After her remarks and question and answer session, she manned the obligatory book signing table and graciously posed with readers and signed their copies of her book.  I loved books signed by the author and have quite a few.  I’ll never send them off to the church fundraiser or the library donation box like so many others when my shelves threaten to collapse, because they have been made unique by a signature.  Then I started thinking, with the rise in popularity of the e-book, what is to become of author signings?  Will it become some quaint relic of the past like dance cards, phone books, and record albums? I hope not!  What can possibly replace this special author-reader ritual in the digital world? And moreover, what will become of the book collectors, the special or rare editions?  How about the body of evidence testifying to the lives of these men and women of letters– the memoirs and letters, works written in their youth, the juvenilia?  Will we be able to reconstruct these things from tweets, blog posts, and Facebook?

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