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The Amazon Wars

A friend of mine, self-published, approached a local small bookseller about carrying her book.  The bookseller thought it was a good fit for her store–a cozy mystery with local color.  She checked whether it was available on Ingrams, then frowned.  “Oh, dear.” She said.  “You published with Amazon.  We can’t carry it.”  More and more this has become the case with the large booksellers like Barnes and Noble as well as the small independent ones.  In an effort to combat Amazon’s ever growing monopoly of the market share, have banded together and decided not to carry books published through Amazon publishing–CreateSpace.  Now I have to ask, who ultimately looses in this publishing war?  Does Amazon even notice or care if their CreateSpace published books are not carried in small book stores?  I think not.  More sales for them if the book can’t be found elsewhere.  Do the book stores win?  Probably not, because they are going up against a giant.  And who really loses?  It is the Indy writer, who must make hard decisions about who to go with when publishing, and the reader, who may not find the desired book in stores.  I understand that the publishing world is going through a metamorphosis unlike anything since the advent of the printing press, but let’s not punish the Indy writer who is just trying to put a unique product out there, one that the commercially-minded traditional publishers won’t touch, and one that has a readership clamoring for it, because they want something new and daring.  I understand the booksellers, trying to survive again the tidal wave of Amazon, but I also understand that there is enough market share out there for a good story, more than enough to go around.  Don’t sacrifice the Indy writer on the altar of your business model bookstores!


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